Thursday, May 4, 2017

Creating Stellar Curb Appeal

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In the real estate world, having a beautiful property is the key to a successful sale. Experts agree that for a buyer to see the great potential of a property, it needs to have a stellar curb appeal.

Planning on selling your house? The following tips can help you create fantastic curb appeal.

Make the entry of your home its focal point
The front door is one of the first things that is noticed in a home. To make it shine, give it a blast of bright color with new paint. Install new fixtures, if necessary, or clean the existing ones with metal polish.

Give old hardware a makeover

Door knobs, house numbers, and wall-mounted mailboxes are great ways to add curb appeal quickly. These items appeal the most if the finish is appropriate to your home. Bronze-toned hardware pairs beautifully with a traditional home, while shinier finishes like nickel or chrome give a more modern feel.

Outdoor lighting

Landscape lighting can be a huge asset because they provide security, safety, as well as a tremendous aesthetic boost to your home. Accent lights can be put in trees or can illuminate a walking path, guiding the person to the front door. Even if you aren´t confident in your electrician skills, there are many ´´plug and play´´ solar options available.

Rejuvenate your flower beds

By pruning excess growth, weeding, planting new flowers, and adding colorful mulch, you can make your planter beds attractive. If the borders are old or outdated, consider an upgrade to stone or cast concrete, both of which will add to curb appeal.

Outdoor art

Make your yard a little boost by adding tasteful and weather-resistant outdoor art pieces. Choose tones that coordinate with your home´s color palette and existing features. Some ideas include birdbaths, wind chimes, metal pieces, or small fountains. If you choose a water sculpture, make sure to avoid areas where leaves can fall into it, opting instead for a vantage point where the sculpture impacts the eyes and ears of a visitor.

Refresh your home´s exterior

An outside facelift will quickly transform a tired-looking home into a house with great curb appeal. New Paint, siding, or trim details will keep your home looking its best. Rotting wood and cracked or faded paint are obvious defects that will downgrade your home´s look and will quickly turn away potential buyers. After any repairs, seek ways to create personality with colors, trim, or new shingles.

Dress up your Driveway

You can add flair to your driveway without spending money on a complete redo. If there are weeds sprouting from expansion joints, apply herbicide to kill them. Repair any cracks or stains, then give it a boost by installing flagstones or by staining the concrete a new color. If your driveway is too narrow, adding stones, bricks, or pavers to the sides of the driveway are great ways to widen it with pizzazz.

Upgrade railings

Porch railings can deteriorate if not treated correctly. If there are rotting wood members, replacing them to improve curb appeal. As with other components, make sure to use materials that are compatible with the look of your home.

By following these simple ideas, you can quickly revamp your home and attract more potential buyers. Ask your College Station realtor for more tips.

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